We perform our services in accordance with standards  ISO 3834  and  EN1090

What is System ISO 3834?

This standard allows the production of constructions that meet all quality requirements. It also provides basis for the assessment of the welding abilities of the manufacturer of metal products.

The requirements of ISO 3834 can be used separately or in combination with ISO 9001.

For whom?

SO 3834 is a universal standard which can be used regardless of the type of service offered. The requirements of this system are therefore suitable for all companies whose activity is related to welding processes, including:

  • Companies providing welding services
  • Companies involved in assembling structures
  • Manufacturers of metal structures, regardless of their purpose (road elements, means of transport, equipment for private use).

Structure of the standard

The ISO 3834 consists of five parts which are linked to different levels of quality requirements. The choice of the option depends on the specificity and purpose of the product and is regulated by appropriate criteria, e.g.: the complexity of the production, the product range and the degree to which metallurgical problems can occur.

  • ISO 3834-1 set of criteria for selecting the appropriate level of quality requirement
  • ISO 3834-2 contains all quality requirements
  • ISO 3834-3 contains standard quality requirements
  • ISO 3834-4 contains the basic quality requirements
  • ISO 3834-5 Collection of documents aimed at confirming the fulfilment of the requirements


What is System EN 1090?

The EN 1090 standard obliges all manufacturers of steel and aluminium constructions to label their products with the CE mark. To achieve this, the company must have implemented and certified FPC system (factory production control) and assess the conformity of the manufactured product with the requirements of EN 1090.

From 1 July 2014, the requirements of the EN 1090 standard are mandatory for all manufacturers of steel and aluminium structures imported into the European Union

For whom?

The requirements of EN 1090 are primarily related to ensuring the quality of steel and aluminium. This standard is recommended to manufacturers of all structural elements, including:

  • elements that are introduced to the construction market
  • steel elements for reinforced concrete structures
  • sets of components manufactured as standard and individually
  • cold-formed or cylindrical elements
  • parts produced using different kinds of profiles

Structure of the standard

Standard EN 1090, such as ISO 3834, consists of several parts. The requirements described there, were adapted to the characteristics of the final product.

  • EN 1090-1 The rules for the conformity assessment of the structural elements
  • EN 1090-2 Technical requirements for steel structures
  • EN 1090-3 Technical requirements for the construction of aluminium structures

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