Our company specializes in the professional welding process MIG and MAG of carbon steel and alloy steel. Permanent supervision of the main welder and the use of modern welding machines guarantee the highest quality of our services.

Our company employs qualified and experienced staff to ensure the honest and professional execution of orders with consideration of all customer requirements. Reliability, professionalism and high quality of services are the cause for satisfaction and the trademark of our company. Modern facilities and equipment of the workplaces ensure the solidity and durability of the welds and the assembled components.



In the MIG welding technique, an electric arc is applied between the welding material and the consumable electrode in the form of wire or rod. Both the arc and the weld pool are protected by the inert shielding gas. This is by far the most common method of merging metal materials.

The biggest advantages are:
• Low cost of materials,
• high quality welds
• High-performance
• versatility,
• the opportunity to observe the weld puddle and the arc


If the arc is formed in the vicinity of inert shielding gas (argon, helium) or a mixture (argon and helium), then this is the MIG method.

However, when an active shielding gas – carbon dioxide, is used, this is the MAG method. High performance and versatility of application for metals make it the most popular method of joining metals.

The MIG method is used to join non-alloy, low-alloy and high-alloy structural steel. MAG can effectively combine aluminium, copper, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals.




MAG welding, in contrast to the TIG welding, uses a consumable electrode. An electric arc arises between the material and the consumable electrode, which is a continuously added wire.

The entire process is protected by active shielding gas, carbon dioxide or a mixture with argon. MAG welding is today the most widely used method of welding.

It is used in small workshops for repair and maintenance, in the production of pipes, pressure vessels, steel structures, shipbuilding, automotive industry, as well as in sheet metal processing.


Advantages of MAG welding:

• very high performance,
• the possibility to weld different materials,
• very good quality of welds,
• low costs,
• the possibility to automate the process using the robots.




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